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High-class apartments for Thai Binh elites


With the Eden Garden project, the investor BIDGroup expects to create a resort-like living space in the center of Thai Binh city.

Elites are understood as those who are successful, hold a large amount of wealth, have high professional qualifications, are outstanding in many fields, have many contributions in society…. They only account for a very small part of the population. the total population, but has a great impact on the community as a whole.

In recent years, the number of super-rich people in Vietnam has been increasing sharply. They create an elite community, reshaping many standards of luxury living.

According to experts, the need to enjoy the life of the elite always has strict criteria, especially with living space. They don’t mind spending money to satisfy that. For the rich, living space is a “value” to show their class, because they have to experience and accumulate extensive knowledge and culture… to get that “living substance” of that level. . Accordingly, an apartment with exquisite design, luxurious interior with 5-star facilities, located in the city center will contribute to affirming the position of the owner.

Project for the rich in Thai Binh

In anticipation of the high-class living needs of the elite, the investor BIDGroup has created a high-class apartment project Eden Garden in the center of Thai Binh city. The project is conceived with a complex of high-class facilities, luxurious design and a series of high-class utilities such as: four-season swimming pool, mini golf course, gym, relaxing yoga …

“Making shoes” for the rich, Eden Garden brings a relaxed living space, living standard resort in the heart of Thai Binh city.

Perspective of the Eden Garden project stands out in the urban space of Thai Binh city. Photo: BIDGroup

According to the investor, after information appeared on the market, Eden Garden has attracted the attention of investors inside and outside the province. In the near future, BIDGroup is preparing for the launch of the model apartment and sales office of the project at 26 Tran Hung Dao street, Le Hong Phong ward, Thai Binh city.

“The model house is built with a realistic landscape, providing customers with a visual and panoramic view of the project. Visiting the model house, customers can imagine the future life in a high-rise apartment. Eden Garden level”, said the representative of the investor.

The apartments with smart design, utility space suitable for multi-generational, resort-style living, bringing nature into the house… will help residents have a new living experience, worthy of the upper class.

In recent years, Thai Binh is one of the provinces with breakthrough development. A relatively large number of highly qualified laborers flock to work and live here, creating a large population with large assets and accumulations. Since then, the need for a high-class residence, a truly different luxury city has also been formed. With careful care, Eden Garden is expected by the investor to be a high-end real estate project welcomed by Thai Binh elites.

Hoai Wind

For more detailed information about the project, readers can visit:
Website: edengarden.vn | Email: [email protected]
Hotline: 0812656699.
Address: Le Hong Phong ward, Thai Binh city, Thai Binh province.
Sales office: 26 Tran Hung Dao, Le Hong Phong ward, Thai Binh city.



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