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Google launches December 2020 core update


After about 7 months from Google’s prepared announcement, there has been an official announcement from Google about the December 2020 core update.

A few months ago, Google made an announcement about this 12/2020 core update. This will be the third algorithm update in 2020. The first time is core update 1/2020, and the second is core update 5/2020.

Normally, Google still releases core algorithm updates every few months. This time, it took 7 months from the core update 5/2020 for Google to update the algorithm in 12/2020. As such, this core update took longer than usual to be released.

1. Announcement: Google algorithm update 12/2020

Google posted the official announcement on Twitter on December 3, 2020. In it, they say:

“Today, we are rolling out a broad core algorithm update, as we usually do many times a year. This update is called Google Core Update 12/2020 (verbally: December 2020 Core Update)”

Google's official announcement about the algorithm in December 2020

Google’s official announcement about the algorithm in December 2020

Update rolled out at 1pm ET

At the time of Google’s algorithm update in December 2020. The core update was conducted around 1pm ET (about 2 and a half hours after the official announcement above).

Google said: “The Google Core Update 12/2020 has been conducted live. As with any other update, it will take about 1-2 weeks for the update to complete.”

2. Google Algorithm Updates in 2020

Previous updates. The most recent previous core update was the May 2020 core update, that update was huge and extensive and took several weeks to fully roll out. Prior to the January 2020 core update, we’ve got some breakdown of that update here.

Before that was the core update in September 2019. That update felt weaker to many SEOs and webmasters, as many said it didn’t have as big of an impact as previous core updates. Google also released an update in November, but that update is specific to local rankings

Announcement of core update in May 2020

Announcement of core update in May 2020

3. Deal with Google Core Update 12/2020

Google once gave some advice on what you can do if you are affected by the core update. However, they did not take any specific action for website recovery. In fact, just because rankings are affected doesn’t mean your sites have problems.

Basically, Google just gives general advice to websites: “Focus on creating the best, most useful content possible.”

In addition, talking more about core updates, Google has said that the most obvious recovery usually occurs when there is a new core update. As for the time between two broad core updates, usually websites will not have too much recovery. You can read more about how websites recover between broad core updates.

Stay up to date with the latest Google algorithms news. Because sometimes your SEO performance is degraded not because your tactics are wrong, but because of a new update roll out.

Sensor SEO is too volatile

SEMrush's sensor shows too much volatility of Google Update Core 12/2020

SEMrush’s sensor shows too much volatility of Google Update Core 12/2020

MoZ Cast index shows excessive temperature of Google Update Core 12/2020

According to TopOnSeek


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