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Golf tourism trend promotes luxury resort segment


The growing trend of golf tourism opens up potential investment opportunities for the golf course real estate segment in luxury resorts and resorts.

According to statistics from the Vietnam Golf Tourism Association, in 2019, Vietnam welcomed 3 million golf visitors, including 1.5 million international guests and 1.5 million domestic tourists, with a revenue of about 4,500 billion VND. . Particularly in the first quarter of 2020, the number of visitors and revenue still increased by about 10% over the same period.

Golf tourism is possessing many development opportunities as the number of players increases every year. Currently, there are more than 50,000 Vietnamese and 20,000 foreigners living in Vietnam playing golf. It is expected that by 2025 the total number of golfers will increase to about 300,000. In 2021, Vietnam was nominated in the category “Best golf destination in Asia” at the World Golf Awards 2021.

In terms of natural conditions, Vietnam has a relatively mild climate, unique culture, and beautiful natural resources spread throughout the provinces and cities, creating favorable conditions for tourism. and golf. In fact, players not only go to golf courses, but they also have the need to relax, visit and explore.

Experts see golf tourism as a product that needs investment and development in the near future, because the infrastructure in Vietnam has met international requirements and has become a highly appreciated destination in the world.

West Lakes 27-hole golf course in Long An. Photo: Tran Anh Group

In the trend of golf tourism, besides focusing on developing standard and modern golf courses, businesses also focus on deploying resorts and resorts with accompanying high-class facilities.

From a survey by the golf course operator West Lakes Golf & Villas in Long An, golf tourists belong to the group of high-class customers and have a need for long-term stays, on average from 1 to 3 weeks. Thus, besides the high spending ability, this is also a potential group of tourists for long-stay tourism. This opens up opportunities for golf course real estate investors to profit from accommodation rental services.

In addition, the golf course real estate segment also holds many advantages in terms of views, unique terrain, fresh air, golf course with privileged green space. At the same time owns many high-class facilities in the resort such as restaurants; clubhouse; pool; parks, bars; spa… These values ​​have created the profitable potential for golf villas.

West Lakes Golf Villas & Villas in Long An.  Photo: Tran Anh Group

West Lakes Golf Villas & Villas in Long An. Photo: Tran Anh Group

Grasping the market trend, Tran Anh Group has developed a golf course villa model with legal guarantee and “all in one” utility system located in West Lakes Golf & Villas urban area. This is an urban area adjacent to the 27-hole West Lakes golf course in Duc Hoa district, Long An province.

A representative of Tran Anh Group said that West Lakes Golf & Villas is an attractive destination for golfers in the South and the whole country. Therefore, these golf course villas not only open up an ideal living and resort space, but also a trendy, multi-profit investment channel for visionary investors.

Currently, distributor Tran Anh House has many attractive sales policies such as customers only need to pay 20% of the product value in advance until the second quarter of 2022, with many methods.

Other flexible payment. When owning a golf course villa, customers have the opportunity to win a Vinfast Fadil car or interior voucher up to 250 million and a preferential management fee for 3 years from the date of handover.

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