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Flexible payment policy at Sun Casa Central


Binh DuongCustomers paying 50% will receive the house handover in December, thereby reducing financial pressure.

Maximum benefits for customers

The period of social distancing has greatly affected real estate transactions. However, as soon as the distance is eased, the market has started to heat up when the demand for real estate started to increase again, especially the trend of moving to the periphery, looking for projects with high potential. Green living space, full facilities and more suitable price.

A corner of Sun Casa Central project – Binh Duong. Name: Sun Central House.

Sun Casa Central project – Tan Uyen, Binh Duong maintains the most attractiveness thanks to meeting the criteria that customers are interested in. Especially, the breakthrough payment policy has just been applied by VSIP investor, customers can easily own Sun Casa Central house even though the initial capital is modest. Accordingly, the payment schedule is divided into several installments and lasts for 12 months. In which, there are 2 special highlights that bring maximum benefits to customers.

Firstly, customers only have to pay 50% of the value and receive the house right in December 2021. With this policy, customers can minimize financial pressure. According to the investor, this makes even more sense in the context of the long-lasting epidemic, causing fluctuations in the income and finances of many people. In addition, the handover of the house right at the end of the year helps customers, especially those who need to settle down, to complete the house and move in right before the Lunar New Year.

Second, the period from the handover to the next payment lasts up to 6 months. At this time, customers only have to pay an additional 10% of the contract value. Customers are completely proactive about cash flow and calculate reasonable options according to market movements such as: resale, trading, leasing,

In addition to the flexible payment schedule, customers who buy Sun Casa Central products will also be supported with bank loans up to 80%, along with a grace period for the first 18 months, ie within a year and a half, customers who are not principal payment.

In addition, customers will also receive a discount of 2 gold coins and a free 2 year management fee when owning products at Sun Casa Central.

Highlights of utility and living space

Located in the heart of VSIP IIA Industrial and Service Park – Tan Uyen, Binh Duong, Sun Casa Central is a synchronously planned project, focusing on utilities and a healthy living environment.

The project has a total area of ​​more than 30 hectares, including 879 townhouses and villas designed with 1 ground floor 1 floor or 1 ground floor 2 floors. In which phase 1 is 426 products. Consulted and designed by a reputable unit from Singapore, the project focuses on developing green space, with a green coverage density of up to 40%.

Green living space at Sun Casa Central.  Photo: Sun Casa.

Green living space at Sun Casa Central. Name: Sun Central House.

With a human-centered philosophy, the VSIP investor focuses on developing a modern and diverse utility chain to serve not only project residents but also people living in the area. Accordingly, VSIP planned the 1.1ha wide The Sun Sport Center utility complex, including an international standard swimming pool, children’s play area, tennis dome and mini football, restaurant and cafe area, Multipurpose gym. The green area of ​​the project with the highlight is 2 central parks in phase 1, integrated with walking paths, children’s playground, fitness area… providing fresh, cool air and convenient living space. facilities for residents of Sun Casa Central.

The investor said that Sun Casa Central will have utilities such as: The Sun Mall commercial service complex of 3 hectares, The Sun Park park, The Sun Container Night Market commercial entertainment and service area adjacent. . Along with that, VSIP also cooperated to build a 5000m2 polyclinic and a preschool with a scale of 400 children to serve local needs.

The impressive construction progress implemented by the VSIP investor has helped the project to be completed soon and hundreds of phase 1 products have been handed over to customers since October 5, 2021. After interruptions due to the impact of the epidemic, phase 3 (phase 1) with the last houses will be officially opened for sale in October 2021, by the exclusive distributor of Construction Design Co., Ltd. Organized by Viet Nhan Real Estate.

According to the representative of Viet Nhan, with a flexible payment policy, many attractive incentives and highlights on infrastructure, utilities and living environment, Sun Casa Central not only gives customers a good opportunity to own a quality green living space, but also solve financial problems for both buyers and investors at this time.

Flexible payment policy at Sun Casa Central

Introducing the Sun Casa Central project.

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Exclusive distributor for the third phase (phase I) of the Sun Casa Central project:
Viet Nhan Real Estate Design and Construction Co., Ltd
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