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Experience luxury living at Sun Marina Town


The elites will have worthy experiences at the Sun Marina Town Twin Towers (Ha Long, Quang Ninh) at any time.

The world’s elite are paying more attention to the trend of personalization, prioritizing the use of privileged utilities and services to ensure privacy and confidentiality. Luxury living is not only reflected in the enjoyment of personal services, but also in exquisite, individual experiences.

For example, an article in The New York Times (USA) once described a billionaire’s luxury services that are personalized to his needs and preferences. Whether the requirements for food, relaxation, relaxation, entertainment or shopping… are satisfied immediately.

In Vietnam, according to Knight Frank’s forecast, the super-rich will increase to 31% in the next 5 years. Along with the rapid rise of the super-rich, high-class real estate projects with personalized services are being sought by many investors.

Perspective of yacht experience at Sun Marina Town.

According to Ms. Duong Thuy Dung – Senior Director of CBRE Vietnam, super-luxury real estate currently accounts for less than 1%, targeting customers with abundant accumulated money and plenty of room for growth. Therefore, despite the pandemic, real estate projects that bring experiences exclusively for the elite still attract strong attention.

One of them is the Sun Marina Town twin towers belonging to the Sun Marina real estate complex on Yacht Bay in Bai Chay. The report on real estate situation in the first 6 months of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association also showed that Sun Marina Town became a bright spot of the Northern real estate market when more than 1,500 apartments quickly found owners. immediately after its release.

Explaining the attractiveness of Sun Marina Town, Mr. Pham Hung, Deputy General Director of Sun Group said: “Sun Marina Town owns a unique position on the yacht bay in the world natural wonder. , the project will set new standards of super-luxury real estate.Each apartment is not only a high-class place to live but also integrates luxury and thoughtful amenities and services, so that all personal living needs are met. be met”.

Balcony with view of the heritage bay of the apartments

Balcony with views of the heritage bay of the apartments.

Owners of the apartments will enjoy breakfast at the 1.5-meter-wide balcony, overlooking thousands of islands on the heritage bay. The boundary between the balcony railing and the coast, the marina, Bai Chay bridge, the Sun Wheel, and the spiritual complex on the top of Ba Deo Bao Hai Linh Thong Tu seem to be blurred.

Next, lunch on the private yacht will be a meeting place for successful people, with a special menu prepared by the talented hands of top celebrity chefs. Diverse Asian – European dishes help diners to both explore the cuisine and relax watching the peaceful bay. The elite can join a limited super yacht club – the 2,000-square-foot Marina Club connecting the two towers.

At Sun Marina Town, owners can also take care of themselves with health clubs and professional guidance from personal trainers. Or just a few steps from my apartment is the shopping street Sun Marina Plaza with more than 200 busy shophouses.

Sun Marina Town owns 4 modern swimming pools.

Sun Marina Town owns 4 modern swimming pools.

After a long day of wandering, when the lights go down, it’s time for everyone to sit back, relax and enjoy a variety of performances for guests limited to the sea square, in the conference room. , on a yacht or even in an apartment. Leading artists from all over the world combine eye-catching virtual reality performances to bring different beach tourism entertainment.

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