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Eco-cultural urban in the heart of the green city Buon Ma Thuot


Based on the philosophy from the school of healing architecture, Coffee City welcomes the needs of buyers for green and healthy product lines.

Coffee City is located in the heart of Buon Ma Thuot – one of the green, clean and beautiful cities of Vietnam. With the orientation of creating the project to become a cultural ecological urban in the heart of a green city, the investor spends more than 50% of the area to develop trees and water surface. Many utility works in the project have a construction density of less than 10%.

Inspired by the school of “healing architecture”

The school of healing architecture thrives in the world’s leading countries such as the US, Japan… but it is still new in Vietnam. One of the important criteria of this school is that the space is harmoniously connected with nature, through the use of building materials, thereby creating a healthy space in terms of aesthetics, functionality and enjoyment. consume. The healing architecture addresses two key issues in the healing journey: physical and mental health.

According to the investor, in Coffee City, the infrastructure system, utilities, housing works… are all designed and planned based on the healing architectural philosophy. Thousands of plants grown at Zen garden are selected to protect health, environment and ecology. “Thanks to ancient construction techniques thousands of years old such as gabion (gabion), grating (mesh floor), the beauty of cobblestone, green stone, and plants is exalted with unique walls and walkways.” , said the business representative.

Perspective of Coffee City, the project is oriented to become a cultural ecological urban.

Many architectural works in Coffee City use gray stone tones, natural rustic colors as the main color. Along with the green of plants, the architectural space aims to bring relaxation and tranquility – a factor that helps each person living in it become the subject of observing the movements and development of the mind from within.

“Experience in healing architecture is synonymous with impacting all the senses. Everything is taken care of from plants, scents, colors, materials used in construction to the way you feel through each aisle, whether The health, clarity, harmony with nature becomes an indispensable element in each space of healing architecture”, said the representative of the investor.

Utilities that shape a healthy lifestyle

Coffee City is a pioneer city in creating Arabian horse games in Vietnam.

Coffee City is a pioneer city in creating Arabian horse games in Vietnam.

To create a competitive advantage for the project, Coffee City focuses on building a series of utilities for residents. Notably, the World Coffee Museum – the destination of more than 2 million visitors after two years of opening; Arabian equestrian training area – a hobby for the upper class to help train health and concentration. In particular, the owners can still find suitable places to meditate and practice yoga in various open spaces under the utility system.

According to experts, the state of isolation, distance, and movement restrictions due to Covid-19 has changed people’s lifestyles. Living space now needs to ensure all three elements: live, work and relax on-site. In addition to housing space, the project also needs to integrate internal facilities such as parks, landscapes, sports practice areas, and services similar to a resort. In the urban area of ​​Coffee City, the housing space is designed to ensure the individual interests of each member in harmony with the common activities of the whole family.

Sports archery is a unique body-mind-mind training in Coffee City.

Sports archery is a unique body-mind-mind training in Coffee City.

“The project is oriented to develop according to the philosophy of healing architecture, helping to promote recovery, protect health; remove stress from the environment (noise, poor air quality…) , for the healthy development of human body, mind and mind through all senses, from scents, colors, materials, shapes, lines…”, said the representative of the investor.

To experience this architectural ecosystem, it takes visitors about 4 hours by car from Nha Trang, only 35 minutes by flight from big cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Hai Phong… to get to the airport. Fly to Buon Ma Thuot by air and take another 15 minutes by car to Coffee City. Here, completed architectural works such as: Coffee World Museum, Zen garden, gym – yoga – archery sports complex, Arabian equestrian training area – Golf 3D…

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