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Double advantage at D’. Metropole Ha Tinh


Project D’. Metropole Ha Tinh is developed by Tan Hoang Minh Group based on two factors of settlement and profitability for customers and investors.

Located in the center of the North Central Coast, Ha Tinh possesses many natural advantages, rich history and culture, and great potential for economic development. In recent years, this locality is growing strongly in the first half of 2021, Ha Tinh’s GRDP still reaches more than VND 23,000 billion, GRDP growth is at 6.38%. This is the result of increased investment in building synchronous infrastructure and improving people’s living standards.

Experts say that the development of the economy has improved people’s living standards, leading to the need to enjoy a luxurious, comfortable and modern life with high-class real estate products. However, in Ha Tinh, the high-end real estate market is still scarce. It is very difficult for customers to find a high-class living environment as they want.

Phuong Hoa – owner of a real estate trading and distribution floor in Ha Tinh shared: “A lot of customers have the need to buy high-end real estate, both to live in, and to increase their ability to accumulate and earn a living. They are willing to pay high prices to be able to own good quality projects that fully meet high-end criteria in terms of location, utilities, design… but the supply is scarce. Recently, the D’. Metropole Ha Tinh project in the north of the city, developed by Tan Hoang Minh Group, is receiving a lot of attention.”

D’. Metropole Ha Tinh scored points thanks to its central location when located on the main street Nguyen Huy Tu and adjacent to 3 main streets Nguyen Huy Oanh, Bui Duong Lich, and Phan Kinh. Located in an area that is planned to become a new administrative and cultural center, D’. Metropole Ha Tinh also benefits with a synchronously developed urban infrastructure and transport system. From here, residents can easily connect to nearby places such as Ha Tinh General Hospital, Tran Phu Park, Cong An City. Ha Tinh, Ha Tinh Provincial People’s Committee, school system, … and other areas through the backbone of the city.

Perspective of living space at D’. Metropole Ha Tinh.

On a land area of ​​more than 2.4 hectares, D’. Metropole Ha Tinh includes only 61 “limited edition” shophouses and an 11-storey luxury apartment building. The low construction density combined with the diversified and modern utility system and the maximum integration of the natural landscape into the living space has created an open urban area with a fresh and spacious living environment.

Right in the internal area, a yard of nearly 2,000 square meters has been invested by the project developer with flower gardens, trees, fountains and space for practice, play, and community activities. for residents of all ages. A home resort life will be opened every day at D’. Metropole Ha Tinh.

Also here, Tan Hoang Minh Group built a shophouse with castle architecture. 40cm thick walls will help regulate the temperature, saving energy up to 30%. In addition, with being built on the highest land in the city, combining high-class construction materials, modern construction techniques, honeycomb drainage system, D’. Metropole Ha Tinh will be a sustainable construction, ensuring a long and stable life for residents.

Shophouse D'.  Metropole Ha Tinh promises attractive profit potential.

Shophouse D’. Metropole Ha Tinh promises attractive profit potential.

In terms of profitable investment potential, shophouse at D’. Metropole Ha Tinh owns at least 2 facades, designed flexibly with 4 floors that can be used for many purposes, ensuring private space. 3.5m sidewalk and 2.5m yard in front of each shophouse create a large space, suitable for many types of businesses. In particular, the townhouses will have an underground parking floor below the landscaped garden.

Anh Duy – a real estate investor in Ha Tinh said: “Transparent legality, along with the reputation of the developer will help the project conquer difficult investors or successful people who want to be successful. enjoy a comfortable, European-style life.

Thao Mien

D’. Metropole Ha Tinh
Address: Nguyen Huy Tu Street, Ha Tinh City
Website: www.dmetropole.vn
Distribution agent: D’Land, EuroGroup.



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