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Courses to help increase income from real estate


Courses teaching from how to buy and sell houses in accordance with the law, safety, feng shui, to success as a real estate broker… are selling at a discount of 199,000 VND on Shop VnExpress.

The very fast development of the real estate market has helped investors get rich quickly. According to experts as well as those who have successfully invested in real estate, a clear strategy, understanding of the law, and market psychology are very important. The online courses below will help learners get there with confidence and success in real estate investing.

Real estate investment can be very profitable. Illustration: Moneycrashers

If you want to know an effective real estate investment strategy, you can attend the course “36 Real Estate Investment Strategies Instantly Effective” by lecturer Pham Van Nam. The course provides students with: an overview of the real estate market in Vietnam; general knowledge of popular and unpopular real estate investment models in Vietnam; specific knowledge of strategies in each niche in the real estate market; advantages and disadvantages of each business model from which to draw specific ways for each of their niches; simple secrets to be successful in each investment strategy; Ideas for a successful real estate investment.

If you want to buy and sell real estate safely and legally, you should not miss the course “Secrets of safe and effective real estate trading” by lawyer Do Dang Khoa with 15 years of experience in consulting and resolving disputes about real estate. class real estate. The course shares how to conduct house purchase and sale transactions, transfer land use rights legally, safely and effectively; the key points that often lead to disputes, losses, and loss of money in real estate trading; accurately evaluate and choose a good and qualified real estate; sample contracts suitable for each type of transaction.

To become a good real estate broker, you can refer to the course “Secrets of making money from real estate brokers” by real estate broker Vu Hue. Consisting of 40 lectures, divided into 5 parts, the course helps learners understand the career overview and the path to success as a real estate broker; self-branding and establishing effective teams; know-how to find standard and fast real estate investment projects and potential customers; Understand the steps of exploiting the posting channel and taking care of customers…

If you want to be successful when investing in land, the course “Killer of land brokers – Freelancing” guided by lecturer Trung Pham on Unica.vn is a suitable choice. The course includes 15 lessons on real estate business strategy, duration is 1 hour 53 minutes. The course will guide you in detail from choosing land plots, financial goals, project information, product information to advertising land, posting ads, motives for buying land, making contract. At the end of the course, learners know how to start a real estate brokerage career, find potential customers, and know how to close sales.

Real estate business with little capital while still pursuing the main job, you can refer to the course “The secret to increasing sustainable profits in real estate business for newcomers with little capital” by expert Pham. Vu Binh guide. The course provides learners with practical knowledge, tips and skills in the real estate business, so that they are safe with their capital, and at the same time increase profits over time. You will learn effective real estate business strategies that don’t take a lot of time, effort and capital. The course content covers from basic theoretical knowledge to problems that only experienced professionals can analyze and solve, helping you quickly accumulate your own real estate buying and selling experience. produce.

Finally, the course “Applied feng shui in real estate business” by expert Nguyen Ngoan teaches students how to apply yin and yang, five elements, bagua, feng shui theory to life and business as well. as architectural design. The course is divided into 9 parts, including general knowledge of feng shui in real estate in the world and in-depth practical experience in the real estate market in Vietnam. Learners learn the real estate business effectively and apply their knowledge to advising customers to buy and sell houses or invest in business in accordance with feng shui.

The above courses are all provided by Unica. Each customer who buys a course on Shop VnExress will be given a card code, then log in to Unica’s page to learn. Buy a course once and use it for a lifetime.

In addition to the above courses, at Shop VnExpress there are many other courses to help you invest in securities, real estate, and develop yourself. Check out the courses here.

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