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Connectivity creates new value for satellite cities


The more convenient transportation connections are, the more satellite cities have external forces to develop into new cities, the current highlight is the West of Hanoi.

Decades of reaching out of West Hanoi

Moving the city to the west is a big branch of Hanoi’s 2030 plan. This direction has been thoroughly implemented with the large-scale shift of the head offices of ministries and branches in recent years. Along with the big agencies are many construction works, big projects, bringing vitality to the West Hanoi area.

The convergence has created a modern and dense road system in the West with Thang Long Boulevard, Le Trong Tan route, Ring road 2, Ring 3, Ring 3.5, Le Duc Tho street… Many Some of these routes are major arteries of not only the West but the whole city, creating flexibility in connection in the direction of the center or surrounding areas.

After that, the city’s biggest projects were still developed, such as the extended Le Quang Dao line being built in phase 2, creating a large opening between Thang Long, Le Trong Tan and Ring Road 3. 5. Recently, the 98km long super belt (belt 4), with a cost of 6 billion USD, connecting Hung Yen, Hanoi, Bac Ninh and Vinh Phuc was also approved for investment policy.

In the urban planning picture of this area, an industry expert once pointed out, the most important focus is the location of the Vinhomes Smart City mega-urban (Nam Tu Liem), with the intersection of the lower old – new floor.

Vinhomes Smart City project in the west of Hanoi. Photo: V.H

The capacity of “super-connectivity” according to the planning world is a difficult point for any project to compare with Vinhomes Smart City in the west of the capital because the important factor is public transport capacity. There are 3 key metro lines of the city passing through this area, with 2 stops right at the project. Connectivity will be opened up in all directions, with metro line 5 going to central districts, line 6 moving to Noi Bai airport, the southern area of ​​Hanoi and line 7 going to other projects. in the suburbs of the West.

“Modern infrastructure, connectivity is a value that is difficult to measure in money because it is an advantage that lasts for decades. That’s why Vinhomes Smart City is a magnet for the whole region,” an expert commented. .

The wave poured into the “new city” west of Hanoi

According to an architect in the planning industry, Vinhomes Smart City is the capital of 4 centers: administration, economy, education and technology. From the big city, if you draw a large circle in about 20 minutes, these centers will surround the big focus of Vinhomes Smart City.

For example, only 5-10 minutes away, residents can go to My Dinh and Cau Giay areas, where most of the current ministries and branches are located. This is also where a large number of domestic and foreign businesses gather, with famous office areas such as Keangnam Tower, creating a vibrant economic hub. In addition, more than 30 universities appear in the area around Vinhomes Smart City, making it a true education center. Along Thang Long Boulevard, 20 minutes away is Hoa Lac Hi-Tech Park – which is likened to Hanoi’s own “silicon valley”.

All these advantages make the position “as close to Hoan Kiem Lake as possible” no longer a unique advantage. Old centers over time are gradually overloaded, while new lands with everything in a closed circle like Vinhomes Smart City are chosen by many people.

The wonders of Vinhomes Smart City have contributed to creating an international standard ecosystem, meeting the living needs of its residents.  Photo: VH

The “wonders” of Vinhomes Smart City have contributed to creating an international standard ecosystem, meeting the living needs of its residents. Photo: V.H

From a market perspective, one expert said, connectivity explains why demand is concentrated in the largest urban area in the west of the capital. In addition to the people of Hanoi and neighboring provinces, the international community is also migrating to this “city within a city”. Not only the value of infrastructure, connectivity, what convinces demanding guests is the quality of life.

When the suffocating spaces of the streets are replaced by the shady green patches of 16.3 hectares of parks, it is a life that anyone can aim for. Zen Park Japanese Park, Central Park Central Park with a large central lake of 4.8 hectares and Sportia Park Sports Park with a system of more than 1,000 exercise machines, providing resort experiences close to the natural tourist route.

A series of smart utilities are also brought to life, from security, operations to community apartments, convincing guests from many countries whose lives are equipped with technology to every detail.

Along with Vingroup’s high-class ecosystem in the area, with big names like Vinhomes, Vincom, Vinmec, Vinschool, all needs in life will be met at international standards.

Therefore, up to now, this megacity has gathered a multinational community from 20 countries around the world, including foreign experts, senior managers at many large enterprises in the world. It is also an international environment directed by many Vietnamese families. Up to now, about 20,000 residents have moved to live in this great metropolis.

Hoai Phong

With two “all-in-one” megacities in the East, Vinhomes Ocean Park, and Vinhomes Smart City in the West, Vinhomes is considered a pioneer, playing an important role in the process of building a multi-purpose urban model. the pole of Hanoi. How can the “New City” share the pressure with “Old Town”?

What should real estate investors do to catch up with market trends, seize investment opportunities, and become a leader in the new era? Invite readers to watch the first issue of the first issue of the talkshow “Pioneers” with the theme: “Old Town – New City | Multi-Center Hanoi and Shifts” with the participation of two guests. Famous real estate agents are Shark Pham Thanh Hung – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cengroup and Ms. Pham Thi Lan Phuong – Business Director of Zone 2 Vinhomes to find answers.

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