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Commercial villa with two street sides at An Phu Shop-villa


In addition to the 27-meter wide business street in the front, An Phu Shop-villa also has an 8-meter-wide walking path in the back for living.

An Phu Shop-villa commercial villa has an area of ​​​​138-333m2, designed with 3 floors and a tum, in which the first floor is used for business, the remaining floors are for living. From this dual development orientation, the project has a separate entrance to the 2nd and 3rd floors to separate the business space on the first floor. This helps residents enjoy a comfortable, private life while adding value in the form of space leasing or business investment.

Commercial Villa An Phu Shop-villa.

In order to increase commercial advantages, the investor built an 27-meter wide An Phu street in the front to facilitate circulation and business. The enterprise also continues to spend a large area behind each villa to build a walking path to create an environment with many living values ​​for residents.

This walking route is 8 meters wide and is located at the back of the villa, parallel to the 27 meter An Phu business street. This road has a green strip of trees planned in the middle, with clean stone paving on both sides. This place becomes a fun, relaxing and entertaining space suitable and convenient for many ages.

8m wide pedestrian street at the back of An Phu Shop-villa.

8m wide pedestrian street at the back of An Phu Shop-villa.

Ms. Ha Chau, a resident of the project, said that her family runs a coffee shop on the first floor. On days without social distancing, her work is quite busy. However, with a separate staircase design, the back door of the villa is convenient to open to the walking path, her children can easily go out to play, so she does not have much pressure to find a play space for the children.

“This is like the backyard of the house, so it’s safe. I don’t worry about traffic risks for the kids. They are free to run, move, and interact with nature, not sitting in a closed room with devices. electronic device”, Ms. Chau confirmed.

Huy Huynh – owner of An Phu Shop-villa said that, thanks to the walking route, the privacy of residents is guaranteed. The distance from the window of this house to the window of the other house is up to 14 meters wide, avoiding many troubles from the close glass windows commonly found in townhouses. With this space, people can live more comfortably in many activities.

“A family wants to use an outdoor barbecue, the smoke and dust from this activity has little effect on the opposite family. Even, on some special occasions, when there are guests, the family can borrow this common space. to live, but the village friendship is still strong,” Huynh emphasized.

From a different perspective, Mr. Huy Hao – a retired official living at An Phu Shop-villa said that investing in the construction of a walking path behind this villa is a form of sacrificing profits for the business. “With the project’s expensive location, the investor will definitely consider business benefits and building a living environment for residents. Choosing to invest and create a life for residents can be a bad choice. disadvantaged at the present time, but it shows the vision and value of the business in the future,” said Mr. Hao.

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