Home Business Cat Tuong Western Pearl affirms its value thanks to legal guarantee

Cat Tuong Western Pearl affirms its value thanks to legal guarantee


Hau GiangThe investor said that the products at Cat Tuong Western Pearl all have land use certificates, customers who want to buy, sell and transfer are supported by the business.

In real estate, legal transparency is proof of the legal ownership of the customer, is the “key” to ensure the value of the product. However, in recent times, many localities have reviewed dossiers of procedures and legal problems, causing the market to skew supply and demand.

Hoang Minh, a long-time land investment customer shared: “The legally guaranteed project always receives the attention of customers and investors, because a legally transparent product, not only investors can buy, sell and transfer without fear of being “stuck” in capital due to problems with paperwork. Besides, legal transparency is also a factor affirming the prestige and capacity of the investor, building a firm trust for customers when choosing to accompany the projects of the enterprise.

A row of shophouses at the Cat Tuong Western Pearl project. Photo: Cat Tuong Group

With more than 10 years in real estate business, Cat Tuong Group has invested in building and developing thousands of quality housing products for customers. “The enterprise is always committed to ensuring legal issues, and considers this a core value to deploy many projects across provinces and cities, giving investors peace of mind when choosing. This also makes the price affordable. competitive value of the Cat Tuong Group brand,” said a business representative.

The Cat Tuong Western Pearl project in Vi Thanh City, Hau Giang Province, invested by Cat Tuong Group, is an example of the attention received from customers right from the time of its launch, thanks to legal guarantees.

A ceremony to hand over land use right certificates to customers of Cat Tuong Western Pearl project. Photo: Cat Tuong Group

A ceremony to hand over the Land Use Right Certificate to a customer of Cat Tuong Western Pearl project.Photo: Cat Tuong Group

A representative of Cat Tuong Group shared: “Cat Tuong Western Pearl is a key project with a huge investment in both finance and resources, so legal issues are a top priority. Currently, the project’s products have obtained a certificate of land use rights, and many notarization rounds of land transfer or handover have been carried out by Cat Tuong Group for customers.

Currently, products at Cat Tuong Western Pearl are being offered for sale by investors at prices from 12 million/m2 and receive preferential loan packages up to 70% from Vietcombank and Mbbank. Besides, customers also have the opportunity to receive many gifts such as: Mitsubishi Xpander car, Honda SH car, Samsung smart refrigerator, iPhone 12Pro Max… and a townhouse worth 1.5 billion VND.

In order to increase the opportunity to own products for customers with real needs, in this September, Cat Tuong Group customers, relatives and friends will enjoy attractive discounts when buying products at Cat Tuong. Western Pearl.

Son Quynh



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