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Capital of small and medium resort projects – VnExpress


PeaceSome resort products in Hoa Binh recorded an opening price of approximately one million USD – a record in this market.

Hoa Binh province has just announced the general plan to build Hoa Binh Lake National Tourist Area by 2035 with a scale of more than 52,000 hectares. In which, in phase 1, from now to 2025, agencies will organize the elaboration and approval of zoning planning, detailed planning and investment in technical infrastructure works, tourism services. The following years are the period to promote investment in construction of works serving this orientation.

In fact, in recent years, Hoa Binh has attracted many large and small resort projects based on the local tourism advantages. Since 3 years ago, many big investors have been present or revealed their intention to develop large projects in this locality such as Vingroup, Phu My Hung, T&T, Geleximco… Recently, Sungroup also proposed implementing projects in Lac Son and Kim Boi districts. Some projects of FLC Group in Hoa Binh city and Yen Thuy district have also been approved for planning.

In particular, besides the big investors who are planning to deploy, for more than a year now, a series of small and medium investors have announced projects in Hoa Binh, which are concentrated in the city. Hoa Binh, Luong Son, Kim Boi, Ky Son, Da Bac, Lac Son…

A corner of Hoa Binh from above. Photo: Ngoc Thanh

Data of Real Estate Data Channel Vhome shows that, in April 2021, Hoa Binh Tourism Investment Joint Stock Company – the investor of Luong Son Industrial Park joined the resort real estate segment with the launch of Cullinan Hoa Binh Resort project. The project has a scale of more than 40 hectares, in Hoa Binh lake area with an investment of about 1,200 billion VND, including 256 tourist villas and 120 condotel rooms.

An entertainment service project, a hotel that has been “suspended” for more than 10 years was also taken over and implemented by Kim Boi Tourism and Trading Joint Stock Company (a member of Apec Group) with a new name. is Apec Sky Villas Kim Boi. The project has a scale of nearly 36 hectares, located in the hot mineral zone of Ha Bi commune, Luong Son district. The investor introduces the project that will provide more than 1,000 hotel apartment products to the market.

Viet My Group, which previously mainly operated in the field of trade and import-export services, also conducted M&A to become the investor of the Ivory Villas & Resort Hoa Binh project. The project is being opened for sale with a total area of ​​66 hectares divided into 2 phases. The investor introduced the project with 4 subdivisions with 450 villa products. The hillside villa apartments have an area ranging from 400m2 to 1,000m2. In which, the asking price for the largest villa is 23 billion VND, approximately one million USD. This price can be said to be the highest ever in Hoa Binh real estate market.

Previously, An Thinh Group, an emerging investor, is also investing in a 60-hectare eco-urban resort complex in Luong Son town. The project consists of 3 subdivisions, with 587 villas, 300 hotel apartments and 69 adjacent shophouses.

Another investor, Beru Group Joint Stock Company, is also implementing the Parahills Hoa Binh Resort project. The project is located on the banks of Hoa Binh lake, Binh Thanh commune and Thung Nai commune, Cao Phong district with a total investment of 4,500 billion VND, including 135 villas and hotel blocks.

A series of other small investors also announced new projects in this locality such as Hoa Binh Center (Hoa Binh City), La Viena Valley (Da Bac), La Saveur (Luong Son)… One of the current features Currently, in the Hoa Binh real estate market, the proliferation of small and medium-sized projects has blossomed, in which the most exciting segment is the resort.

According to Vhome’s assessment, the trend of real estate businesses flocking to Hoa Binh to invest in resort projects has also caused real estate prices here to fluctuate continuously during the past 2-3 years.

Mr. David Jackson – General Director of Colliers Vietnam said that Hoa Binh has many advantages to strongly develop resort real estate with natural advantages, especially rare hot mineral veins in Kim Boi and Lac districts. Son, Yen Thuy is an important advantage to develop health real estate. Besides, the nature reserves of Ngoc Son – Ngo Luong, Thuong Tien, Phu Canh Hang Kia – Pa Co … are very suitable for developing eco-tourism and resort. This is also a locality with unique indigenous cultural features.

In addition, according to this expert, the proximity to Hanoi and the continuously improved infrastructure also help Hoa Binh’s tourism potential step by step be exploited more effectively.

Talking to Vhome, Mr. Pham Ngoc Tung, Director of VME Real Estate Joint Stock Company, admitted that the cash flow into Hoa Binh real estate has been very clear in recent years. The development of projects such as Thang Long – Hoa Binh Boulevard, Son La highway, provincial roads… is one of the factors promoting the investment wave mentioned above.

With that development, according to Mr. Tung, Hoa Binh market has improved. If three or four years ago, resort projects in Hoa Binh were still quite small and fragmented with the size of the mine, now many investors have focused on methodically investing in large projects. have a more reputable operator.

Nguyen Van Dinh, General Secretary of the Vietnam Real Estate Brokers Association also assessed that the landing of many real estate businesses and large-scale projects has promoted resort real estate and residential land here. more care. However, according to him, currently, Hoa Binh is still in the early stages of the investment wave, so other factors are needed for the market to grow sustainably, such as methodical planning, the synchronization of transport infrastructure, and more. communication and tourism infrastructure to limit spontaneous and spontaneous investments.

Also because at the early stage, Mr. Dinh also gave a note to small investors when pouring money into this market. According to him, Hoa Binh real estate buyers should choose projects of reputable investors, determine safe and long-term investment, should not rush to invest in “surfing” forest land or unknown land. plan.

Mr. Tung also said that investors when pouring money into the resort segment in Hoa Binh should learn about the legal issues of the project, the implementation progress of the investor is good, and the orientation of competitive products. In particular, this expert emphasized that investors should choose projects with a professional project management unit because in the past, this locality was mainly small resort projects, the investor self-operated, so the business efficiency was improved. business is not good.

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