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An Gia launches more than 400 apartments at Westgate project


Ho Chi Minh CityApartment products belonging to Thames tower – the last tower of Westgate project, Binh Chanh have just been introduced to the market by An Gia in the context of scarce supply.

Savills’ third quarter report shows that, in the primary market, the supply of apartments in Ho Chi Minh City is only about 3,000 units, the lowest level in the past 5 years, down 18% QoQ and 70% YoY. Besides the impact of prolonged social distancing, the reason for the sharp drop in housing supply in Ho Chi Minh City is also due to legal problems. Statistics of the first 6 months of 2021 of the Department of Construction of Ho Chi Minh City confirm that there are 14 projects eligible to sell houses in the future with more than 11,000 apartments. 59% of which are luxury apartments, 41% are mid-end apartments and there are no affordable apartments.

Westgate complex (Binh Chanh) is the few projects eligible for sale in Ho Chi Minh City. Information about the project can be found at website: www.westgate.vn. Perspective photo: An Gia

Concerned about the lengthy legal troubles, in the past time, home buyers have continuously searched for eligible products for sale. The project with full legality is much sought after. One of the few projects in Ho Chi Minh City eligible to sell houses formed in the future is Westgate, invested by An Gia Group.

Located in the administrative center of Binh Chanh district, Westgate complex has a scale of 3.1ha, including 4 towers of 20 floors, providing the market with nearly 2,000 apartments. The asking price for apartments in the project is 40 million VND per m2.

An Gia Group’s representative said that now, with easy access to information, customers can learn about projects through many channels to minimize legal risks. That also means that the “clean” project chosen by the customer is inevitable.

In addition to legal advantages, An Gia also announced an investment of one million USD to develop green space, good utilities for the physical and mental health of residents. Accordingly, more than 50 modern facilities will appear at the project, including many high-class facilities such as tennis courts, golf simulators, meditation gardens…

“Due to the impact of Covid-19, homebuyers are now increasingly interested in factors such as living space, utilities – services, especially utilities for healthcare needs,” said the representative. An Gia commented.

Many scientific studies have also shown that, if practiced enough and properly, tennis and golf not only bring many health benefits but also help prolong life, reduce stress and effective stress. Meditation gardens that bring people back to nature and a balanced life also bring many values ​​to the multi-generational community.

Perspective of the rooftop tennis court equipped by An Gia for Westgate residents.

Perspective of the rooftop tennis court equipped by An Gia for Westgate residents. Illustration: An Gia

In addition to the ventilation factor with natural light and fresh wind in each apartment, the enterprise also invested in a central park of 1.9 hectares with nearly 1,500 square meters of water surface area, including Olympic swimming pool, Lazy river integrated with Jacuzzi tub, relaxation pool, 800m long internal jogging track… On the other hand, the project inherits 2ha central park – the “green lung” of Saigon West administrative area.

An Gia representative said that health is always the top concern of everyone, as a real estate developer, the company always attaches importance to this criterion when creating living space for residents.

“When Covid-19 is over, the trend of choosing a place to live with green and healthy spaces will continue to lead the market,” An Gia representative commented.

Pros Deals for home buyers

To solve the problem of owning the first apartment for young families, An Gia offers a preferential financial solution for Westgate apartment buyers. Accordingly, with 3-bedroom apartments, buyers only need to pay 15% until they receive the house.

For example, with a 3-bedroom apartment, an area of ​​​​about 85m2, the price is about 3.4 billion VND, buyers need to pay about 500 million VND in advance. By the first quarter of 2023, buyers can hand over, transfer or rent out the complete apartment. Apartment buyers are also free of interest, free of prepayment and grace of principal until they receive the house.

Perspective of 3-bedroom apartment in Westgate

Perspective of 3-bedroom apartment in Westgate. Photo: An Gia

As for the 2-bedroom apartment, buyers need to pay 15% in advance, then pay 30% in progress before receiving the house. With this option, young families with an income of VND 30-35 million a month and a basic accumulation of VND 300 million have the opportunity to own Westgate apartments.

In the context of scarce supply, Westgate not only scores points for its moderate price, preferential payment method, but also meets the criteria of legality, location and facilities to serve the needs of post-hospital healthcare. Covid-19.

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