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Advantages of settling down and investing in Thanh Long Bay complex


With a location embracing 1.7km of beautiful coastline and many modern facilities, the products at Thanh Long Bay are suitable for both residential needs and profitable investment.

Out of a total area of ​​90 hectares, Thanh Long Bay is planned synchronously with 12 main subdivisions such as a combination of commercial townhouses, resort garden houses, beach apartments, Mini hotel, Boutique hotel, 5-star resort with the same line. a series of facilities such as international yacht port, international marine sports center, sea square area, health care center, Kid city school….

At Thanh Long Bay, each subdivision has its own appearance but is still harmonious in the overall. With the design philosophy of “returning to nature what was taken from nature”, Thanh Long Bay makes the most of the ground and vertical areas of the house to plant trees, helping future residents to be safe. Live in a relaxing space, close to nature.

Perspective of the dragon flying from above.

With a series of connecting infrastructure systems being deployed such as Long Thanh International Airport, Dau Giay – Phan Thiet expressway, Phan Thiet – Vinh Hao, Phan Thiet airport… Binh Thuan is considered as a locality with the most favorable conditions. The advantage of attracting real estate investment when shortening the travel time from the North and the South to only about 2 hours. This is considered a key factor that investors pay attention to when choosing second homes and long-term investment properties.


Perspective of marina at Thanh Long Bay.

In 2016, the project “Building Binh Thuan into a national marine sport and tourism center” was approved, becoming an important foundation for the development of more diverse types of marine sports and entertainment. In early 2020, Binh Thuan also established the Association of Recreational and Aquatic Sports as a basis to promote the development of the marine sports movement throughout the province.

Taking advantage of the local nature with more than 300 sunny days a year and embracing 1.7 km of coastline with ideal slopes, Thanh Long Bay is planned to become a professional marine sport area serving both international and national events.

Experts said that the planning of many types of real estate in the same complex not only helps Thanh Long Bay to meet many of the customers’ living, working, relaxing and entertaining needs, but also helps optimize Return on assets problem.

Diverse entertainment activities and large-scale sports tournaments will attract an abundant source of domestic and foreign tourists; stimulate demand for long stay, eating, relaxing, shopping. This is a source of profit for property owners in Thanh Long Bay, especially in the context that the accommodation and resort service system in this area is still very limited.

The representative of Nam Group investor said that in the process of developing the project, the enterprise will research to create many new landscapes and services in accordance with the trends and preferences of tourists. When the image of Thanh Long Bay is widely promoted, the increase in the rate of returning visitors to the project will create a stable source of income for service providers. Not to mention, these investments and updates will constantly create a complete and complementary complex that creates a closed business model and brings countless experiences to visitors.

Thao Mien

Promotion until August 29, 2021 exclusively for The Song subdivision of Thanh Long Bay:
– Pay 25% of the value, equivalent to 1.8 billion until receiving the house (after 20 months)
– Commitment to buy back with a profit of 6% per year
– Attractive offers with a total value of up to VND 1.5 billion/unit



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