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Advantages for Horizon Bay to attract investors’ cash flow at the end of the year


Quang NinhHorizon Bay meets both needs, both as a place to live and relax, and to solve the problem of asset accumulation and increase in value over time.

At the end of the year when idle money is still available while many projects do not have new products due to the epidemic, this has led to the difference in supply – demand in the real estate market. At this time, the projects launched quickly “refresh the thirst” for investors. However, caution is necessary, investors will prioritize projects that are sure and ensure low risk.

According to Mr. Nguyen Hoang, an investor in Hanoi, currently multi-functional products, can flexibly change business plans in any context or ensure the dual value of both living and living. Profits are becoming “targeted” by ensuring long-term added value, unaffected by market events.

“In particular, the project owns a gateway location, where there is a large number of residents, benefiting from traffic infrastructure, creating a bustling life, which attracts more and more attention from customers,” said Mr. Hoang.

Infrastructure in Ha Long is constantly being improved. Photo: Horizon Bay

Sharing the same opinion with Mr. Nguyen Hoang, Ms. Mai Trang, another investor, sees potential when investing in real estate in Ha Long.

According to Ms. Trang, This locality is an attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists thanks to good disease control. A series of levers such as Ha Long Forest Park coming into operation, Lotte shopping mall, Aeon Mall operating, completing Cua Luc bridge and by 2030 Quang Ninh to a centrally run city… create prices synergistic value to promote the potential for price appreciation for real estate projects. As a result, projects here also benefit.

Among the projects in Ha Long, Horizon Bay was introduced to the market by BIM Land quickly to meet customers’ demand for sustainable profitable investment. With the number of more than 200 products located close to the sea, expensive bayside, limited supply, according to the investor’s assessment, customers can be assured of the liquidity of the product in the long term.

Perspective of the villa at Horizon Bay.

Perspective of the villa at Horizon Bay.

Horizon Bay is located in the tourist urban area of ​​Halong Marina, enjoying class advantages with giant wave pool, container food street… Besides, there are a series of sea sports entertainment games, sea squares, fishing. Sailing Club entertainment, Halong Street Travel Fest event series, luxury shopping… bring modern living experience to residents.

In addition to its prime location and living resort model, ownership value is the factor that helps Horizon Bay have a competitive advantage. According to the investor, the products in the project have their own red book. “Long-term ownership of a project with a limited seafront location is a safe choice for cash flow and a guarantee for sustainable profitability. Horizon Bay adjacent villas are not only used for living, invest, rent, even use later as gifts for future descendants,” the investor said.

Nguyen Minh Duc, Project Manager of THM Land – Horizon Bay business development unit, said that using financial leverage in investment is an essential element, especially in real estate, to help customers have both cash to operate and take advantage of low-cost loan packages for investment. Currently, lending interest rates at banks are the lowest in the past 10-15 years.

In addition, Horizon Bay is also introduced with a preferential package for customers, supporting 0% interest rate within 24 months. This is a great opportunity to help investors not be under financial pressure, or still be able to have a surplus to invest, do business, and create revolving cash flow.

Accordingly, customers only need to spend about VND 1.9 billion initially to be able to own a villa adjacent to the sea, on the bay. While the low-rise segment in Ha Long market has a limited number of remaining products, Horizon Bay opens up great opportunities for investors with a suitable starting price. Ha Long in recent years has increased by 20-30% per year, especially, coastal areas have increased by 50%, so customers want to choose a sustainable investment channel, increasing profits over time. then Horizon Bay is a suitable product,” emphasized Mr. Duc.

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