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A series of famous hotel and F&B brands ‘landed’ in southern Phu Quoc


Kien GiangMany famous restaurants, cafes and clubs are about to appear in the ‘Mediterranean Town’ south of Phu Quoc.

According to Sun Property (a member of Sun Group), famous F&B brands that are about to be put into operation in the “Mediterranean town” include: Runam, Legend Beer, The Alley, Japanese restaurants and one of them. Bar/club brand owned by Hoang An Nhien Group.

In particular, Runam has made its mark with a chain of luxury restaurants located in golden locations, Legend Beer offers a German-style draft beer model, and the familiar milk tea brand The Alley promises to attract young customers. .

With Hoang An Nhien Group, this is the company that owns a chain of bar/club locations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City such as: Kasho Club, Jigger Downtown, Atmos Club, The Circle 8…

Panorama of the ‘Mediterranean town’ in the south of Phu Quoc.

In September, Hilton Group announced that it would join hands with Sun Group to add La Festa Phu Quoc project to Hilton’s operating network with the brand Curio Collection by Hilton, expected to come into operation from 2023.

Besides the big brands, the operation continues to be promoted when the rental support programs with townhouses on main roads such as Gateway, New An Thoi, Amalfi… are launched by investors. out. F&B cliffs close to the sea have also been completed for lease, expected to operate as soon as the epidemic is under control.

La Festa Phu Quoc adds luxury accommodation options for visitors to the South Island

La Festa Phu Quoc adds luxury accommodation options for visitors to the South Island.

Early realizing the great development potential of the tourism service industry in Phu Quoc, in the south of the island, Sun Property has built infrastructure to create a foundation and bring business opportunities to investors. Next to the completed Sun Premier Village Primavera street blocks is the ongoing project of a high-rise apartment complex and shophouse Sun Grand City Hillside Residence.

In which, 6 outstanding service industries including accommodation, F&B, spa, fashion, art, travel – tourism will converge at The Center shophouse system of Sun Grand City Hillside Residence.

Shophouse The Center owns a hill-like terrain, a rare sea view in Phu Quoc

Shophouse The Center owns a hill-like terrain, a rare sea view in Phu Quoc.

364 shophouses in The Center are located on a hillside with an altitude of 45-60m above sea level, with the back leaning against the hill – facing the sea. Located in the south of Phu Quoc Island, this project has the ability to access a huge stream of tourists visiting the tourism – service complex: Hon Thom Cable Car, 75m high clock tower, Cau Hon, Show Vortex, .. . and the vibrant night and day in the “Mediterranean town” on the southwest coast of the island.

Besides creating iconic works, Sun Group also gives this place an artistic business space. Shophouse The Center is inspired by unique Taormina architecture, surrounded by a system of more than 60 utilities.

With a height of 5 floors, possessing 2 super-wide facades from 8-15m, The Center shophouse easily transforms into a boutique hotel with lovely rooms, a balcony full of romantic flowers and sunshine.

The design of The Center shophouse ensures the artistry and efficiency of exploitation

Design shophouse The Center ensures the art and efficiency of exploitation.

Shophouse The Center also has the ability to become a luxury restaurant with Asian-European characteristics, or a restaurant with pure Vietnamese cuisine. In addition, shophouse owners can “turn” this space into a place to enjoy drinks, draft beer, wine or coffee – business models that are easy to attract guests in tourist destinations.

This project promises to become a shopping center with a system of fashion shops, beach accessories, streetwear … of many brands from popular to high-end. In addition, The Center is also the “performance ground” of the spa – the field with the largest revenue in the health care industry. Shophouse owners can choose to invest in spa space, aesthetics, luxury beauty, or specialized services such as massage, sauna…

Art lovers will also see the potential to open a gallery of paintings, ceramics, handicrafts, pearl jewelry – Phu Quoc’s “brand”… right at The Center shophouse. In addition, this line of shophouses with a prime location is also a suitable place to open travel and tourism offices, provide air ticket services, visit Ngoc island …

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