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97% of Sun Tropical Village villas in phase 1 are booked


The project received great attention when 97% of the first phase of the apartment fund was registered to book in just one day and introduced to loyal customers.

The charm of real estate wellness in Pearl Islands

In early September, the information revealed about the model tropical resort urban area Sun Tropical Village attracted attention in the real estate market in general and the Phu Quoc market in particular. This is also the first time Ngoc Island has appeared the wellness second home model – a second home for health care – a real estate line favored by investors after nearly 2 years of the market being heavily affected by the epidemic. .

Perspective illustration of Sun Tropical Village – “tropical village” amidst the nature of South Phu Quoc.

Welcoming a continuous stream of customers to register to learn and book a second home tropical Sun Tropical Village, a representative of a project distribution agent said: “Customers are successful people who are looking for a second home to take care of their health. In Phu Quoc, many of them have been searching for a year without any satisfactory product. And when the first information about this product line appeared in Bai Kem invested by Sun Group, they inquired. and was immediately convinced.”

According to this position, customers are impressed with the prime location next to the forest, next to Bai Kem beach, located between 3 natural floors of garden – forest – sea of ​​the project. In addition to spending up to 19,000 m2 for trees, the architectural and landscape items at the project all exude a tropical spirit. For example, 4 multi-purpose internal parks, Wellness Center with hundreds of high-class health care services, international standards, Wellness Park Bai Kem in the middle of the primeval forest adjacent to the project…

Pioneering project to develop wellness second home model in Phu Quoc.  Illustration.

Pioneering project to develop wellness second home model in Phu Quoc.

According to some experts, the Phu Quoc real estate market is now rich with diverse segments such as resort villas, shophouses, high-rise apartments, land plots… However, there are almost no real estate projects. any product specializing in wellness, taking the holistic health care elements of body – mind – mind as a development goal.

Meanwhile, according to Deloitte’s Vietnam Consumer Survey report released in February, consumers’ spending habits during the period affected by Covid-19 have changed with 59% spending on housing. and utilities, 58% for healthcare needs. The survey shows that this need is even stronger among the rich, when the notion that health is more important than assets is being promoted.

Therefore, the appearance of Sun Tropical Village with living space, standard wellness living facilities at Bai Kem complex and diverse and personalized health care experiences has met the needs of the elite. , catching up with the wellness era that is spreading globally.

A series of incentives for early registration

“The fact that 97% of Sun Tropical Village villas are successfully booked in the first round of introduction to loyal customers has set a new record, especially in the context of the current complicated Covid-19 epidemic. Besides the intrinsic value and timing, it is impossible not to mention the great benefits when customers register to book early, right in this September”, a representative of a distribution unit assessed.

Illustration of Sun Tropical Village, a record-setting project in the resort market.

Many attractive offers for future residents of the “tropical village”.

Accordingly, customers using their own capital to book ownership will receive a 10% discount of the villa value. In particular, customers who complete 100% of the procedures before September 30, will receive a discount of 7.5% of the villa value (after deducting other incentives).

The investor also offers incentives to welcome future owners of the “tropical village” Sun Tropical Village with a bank loan program up to 70% of the villa value, 0% interest support for 30 months and enjoy a grace period of up to 40 months.

“I think this is the right time to own a tropical villa Sun Tropical Village, when you only need to spend an initial capital of about 2-3 billion VND, you can own a villa in the tropical village. This product can be used as a second home for the family to actively relax according to their preferences, or calculate business investment, “said Tien Manh, an experienced investor in Ho Chi Minh City.

An illustration of the new project of Sun Group, which is expected to lead the wellness real estate trend.

Sun Group’s new project is expected to lead the wellness real estate trend.

In addition to the optimal financial problem, Sun Tropical Village is also grateful to customers – residents of the future “tropical village” with many incentives such as free villa management service within two years from the handover. Villa; support package to complete the villa when coming home early. In addition, loyal customers who already own real estate of Sun Group, individual customers with household registration in Kien Giang, are also entitled to a discount of 1% of the villa value.

At the same time, the investor also announced the customer care service package “Upscale experience” and “Comprehensive health care well being” up to 250 million VND from partners Aspire Lifestyle and Sun Hospitality – a travel brand Sun Group’s luxury resort schedule, with its own privileges to take care of your physical and mental health.

“Classy products, limited quantities, plus attractive incentives and financial policies have explained the heat of Sun Tropical Village. The market’s acceptance shows that wellness second home may become a segment of the market. This is one of the top brightest segments in Phu Quoc, pioneering a new trend in the real estate market this decade,” said a representative of a distribution agent.

Hoai Phong
Perspective photo illustration, source: Sun Tropical Village



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