Home Business 3 luxury interior styles at the apartment by the yacht bay

3 luxury interior styles at the apartment by the yacht bay


Located from the 34th to 41st floors of Sun Marina Town, the apartments of The Platinum line are handed over fully furnished in 3 flexible styles. According to the representative of the investor, The Platinum customers can enjoy their high-class apartments and experience their own privileges. In addition, real estate developer Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) has cooperated with the world’s leading design consultancy Aedas and furniture company AA Coporation to bring three luxurious interior models for customers to enjoy. exclusively for apartment owners.

Rustic Luxury – refined elegance.

Among many criteria to evaluate the luxury standard of design, the sophistication of interior details shows the care and understanding of the manufacturer to each homeowner. Instead of choosing available items, each table, chair, TV shelf … is “tailored” by the designer according to the size of each apartment. Luxurious materials such as marble are cleverly paired with metal, wood, and rattan… forming an architectural picture of the living room in harmony with the space of the sea and sky.



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