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3 corporations want to build 2 1,400 ha industrial parks in Quang Ninh


Amata Group (Thailand) and Marubeni Group (Japan) and GS (Korea) propose to invest in 2 industrial parks in Quang Yen.

Amata Group and its partners reported to Quang Ninh the idea of ​​​​investing and developing industrial park projects within the high-tech industrial urban complex in Quang Yen coastal economic zone.

Accordingly, Marubeni proposed an industrial park with an area of ​​724 hectares, and GS wanted to invest in an industrial park of 676 hectares. These 2 industrial parks will have a full range of medical services, health care, education and training to serve workers in the industrial park and people in the surrounding area.

The leader of Quang Ninh province asked Amata Group to support Korean and Japanese corporations to quickly approach to conduct research on the basis of suitable land fund. In the immediate future, Quang Ninh wants Marubeni and GS to study projects in Song Khoai industrial park of Amata Group. The reason is that the land fund in this industrial park is still very much.

According to Quang Ninh province, Quang Yen coastal economic zone has many industrial parks, but the occupancy rate is still very low, not meeting the province’s expectations. Meanwhile, the locality has had adequate transport and technical infrastructure as well as many advantages of an open investment environment. Provincial leaders said that this economic zone is being reviewed the general construction planning, thereby reviewing the appropriate land fund to attract investment.

Amata Group is implementing a number of projects in Quang Ninh province, including the 714-hectare Song Khoai industrial park project in Quang Yen, with an investment of over 3,500 billion VND, expected to be implemented in the period 2018- 2026. In addition, Amata also proposed to research and invest in building Amata Ha Long smart city with a total area of ​​1,720 hectares in Uong Bi city and Quang Yen town.

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